Junior Church

SUNDAYS 10.30am – 12pm


First Friends:  For children aged 0 to 4 years.  While parents can enjoy the Sunday service the children can be safe playing with a variety of toys and occasionally enjoying a story or a craft activity.

Shining Lights:  For children aged approximately 4 – 7 years. While parents can enjoy the Sunday service, the children are led in, singing, fun activities introducing them to stories with important messages that Jesus teaches us through the Bible.

Xcelerate :  For children aged 7-11years. The children can partake in fun activities and workbooks learning more about what it really means to know Jesus and follow Him today.

Fast Forward:  For youths aged 11 – 15years. They include multimedia methods to learn and discuss what being a Christian really means in society today. Continuing to be reminded of the role model that Jesus is to us in life today.

On Sunday youths aged 15 + years either attend the service or they can be involved in assisting the other groups above if they wish.