We believe in the power of prayer. In Mat 10:37 Jesus persuaded his disciples to pray and to ask God to send more labourers in the field. The need for such prayers could not be more need today. Our missionaries and mission organisations do rely on God’s strength in their work. Many of them are so engaged with the work and work spiritual conditions that they are subjected are improbable. A prayer meeting specifically for missions is scheduled once every two months.

Financial Support
All the missionaries and the mission agencies that we support do not have a regular income. Their work is entirely dependant on the good will and giving of the Christians. We are grateful and thankful to God for the generosity of the believers who faithfully give towards the work of missions.

Material collection
We also support missions by collecting various material items needed on the mission field. Items such as shoes, clothes, sewing machines, used computers etc are collected on request and shipped to the areas where these items are highly needed. If you happen to have a computer, sewing machine or any item in a very good condition that you are not using, consider donating it for the work of missions.