Ladies Meeting

A meeting is held for ladies every week from September to May inclusive. This is held on Wednesday afternoon from 2.30pm – 3.30pm, finishing with refreshments and a time to chat with each other.

They have a different speaker each week. During their time together they have quizzes, singing time, poems and a time of sharing things which are special to them. A warm welcome is always given. For more information please contact Mary Webber on 01884 253482.

History Of Ladies Meeting

It was in 1943 that Mrs Gray who with her husband and family came to Tiverton from Cheshire. Mrs.Gray had been involved in the work amongst the women there and thought it would be good to start the women’s fellowship at King Street Chapel.

The second world war was still being fought and many ladies were left at home while their husbands were in the forces. It was felt that, it would be a good opportunity to give these ladies something to look forward to at least once a week, a chance for a chat and a cup of tea and to hear the Gospel message. A team of ladies helped with this work and down through the years he Lord has provided a supply of ladies to carry on this work.

When asked about the nature of the fellowship one lady said ” it’s like coming and having an extra boost mid week”. We still have a team of ladies sharing responsibility in this work and we all feel it a great privilege to be involved.

Today, the numbers of the ladies attending are less than they were and probably older, but the meetings are still enjoyed and friendships are formed. We are blessed with various speakers who are always willing to come.