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We are an Evangelical  Bible based church with an all age focus.  We endeavor to serve God in our local community and our desire is to see the Kingdom of God grow.

We are a members of the Evangelical Alliance, and of Partnership (a network of churches similar to ourselves).

As evangelical Christians, we accept the revelation of the triune God, and the gospel, as given in the Old and New Testament scriptures.  We believe that scripture is the authority for our faith and conduct.  We are committed to mutual love, evangelistic concern and practical Christian service to each other and the community.

A Church Leadership Team gives strategic and day-to-day leadership to, and organizes pastoral care for, the congregation. We have three workers whom we support financially.  But we encourage wide exercise of spiritual gift by all members and the various activities of the church are led by leadership groups and by individuals, as appropriate.

We aim for:
    * Lively worship, led by our worship group
    * Lively and relevant Biblical teaching
    * Freedom in worship for the exercise of spiritual gift for the building up of the church.

Home groups play an important part in encouraging fellowship, prayer and Bible study at King Street Chapel.

We are responsible ourselves for organizing, directing, supporting and funding our life together as a fellowship.

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Welcome To King Street Chapel                                           

Welcome To King Street Chapel          
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